, Internationally recognized doctor practices at Rockford Orthopedic


Rockford orthopedic constructed a surgical teaching lab two years ago– helping a local doctor extend his reach globally.

The world famous doctor is making bone-chilling discoveries in the field of orthopedics right here in the state-line.
His name is Dr. Scott Trenhaile known for his specialty–shoulder surgery

“Dr. Trenhaile has, you know, kind of become a renown surgeon his experience and the high level of cases that he does and he provides excellent care with a minimally invasive technique.”

He’ll be the first to tell you he’s just an everyday physician. But make no mistake– this guy is good.
Dr. Trenhaile is breathing new life into old practices.

“There’s an interest in how I approach these problems and we have a program that is quite solid.”

Thanks to a cadaveric wetlab– yes– cadaver meaning dead bodies– Trenhaile has the means necessary to be the best.

“For me, I had an opportunity to try things over and over and over and over and over before I ever actually implement these into my clinical practice ”

People travel long distances to see Trenhaile’s methods. He holds a special course that is putting Rockford on the map.

“We have probably had 3 to 4 hundred surgeons over the last few years from China, South Korea, Poland, Germany…”

They observe him in surgery then get to practice in the lab. Trenhaile says this facility separates his practice from his competitors.

“For myself my partners and my group this is a huge resource for us as surgeons and a huge resource for people in the community who are receiving care from us because we are better because of the lab.”

It’s not just doctors coming to Rockford to learn Trenhaile’s methods. Patients come from all over the United States for treatment.

“Economically there is a little advantage there too. But more importantly I think it’s the exchange in information and teaching opportunities that are there… That are here… They are here yes.”

Doctor Trenhaile held his course this past weekend… Four of the doctors involved came all the way from South Korea.