-Article by Dan O’Conner, Editor-in-Chief, Outpatient Surgery
Perhaps proof that modesty is the mother of invention, orthopedic surgeon Scott Trenhaile, MD, of OrthoIllinois in Rockford, Ill., created Modicine Patient Wear after operating on a female employee who was reluctant to be exposed from the waist up to her boss and coworkers. The patient ended up using an elastic bandage to cover her breasts. The experience made an impression on Dr. Trenhaile, who subsequently developed the Modicine PatientWear Modesty Bra and Modesty Brief surgical undergarments.

“I think that all surgeons should know about those modesty garments,” says Ms. Roberts. “More patients would be willing to undergo surgeries if they knew their modesty would be protected.”

More About Modicine Patientwear
Modicine PatientWear provides high-quality surgical undergarments that respect patient privacy during medical procedures – without sacrificing quality of care. Made of durable, surgical-grade material, the Modesty Bra and Modesty Brief were developed by orthopedic surgeon Scott Trenhaile, MD, of OrthoIllinois in Rockford, Ill. to make patients feel less exposed and vulnerable in the operating room. This unique product line is specifically designed with the patient’s dignity in mind – because we believe that the patient experience is key to a successful surgery and recovery.

From minor procedures to major operations, any kind of surgery can be intimidating. For many patients, that anxiety is compounded further by fears of needless exposure in the operating room. The Modicine PatientWear line is specifically designed to put patients’ minds at ease.

Modesty Bra
The Modicine PatientWear Modesty Bra provides coverage for women undergoing shoulder or other upper extremity procedures where the patient would otherwise be exposed. The comfortable bandeau is made of breathable surgical-grade composite fabric. The adjustable fastenings allow doctors access to the surgical site with minimal patient exposure.

Modesty Brief
The Modicine PatientWear Modesty Brief provides men, women and children with privacy during hip and other lower extremity procedures. The lightweight undergarment is made out of breathable surgical-grade material with an anti-migration band to offer maximum coverage and peace of mind.

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