OrthoIllinois gets new technology to livestream procedures

ROCKFORD (WREX) — OrthoIllinois has a new tool to help surgeons learn how to do different procedures safely.

“The timing of it couldn’t have been any better with regards to COVID and those sorts of things, in terms of limiting the number of people, limiting the amount of traffic in the operating room or anywhere in a enclosed space,” Dr. Scott Trenhaile explains.

The company now has Avail Medsystems Technology. It allows a surgeon to perform a procedure while the technology streams the operation to other surgeons, which allows them to watch what is happening from a different location. The technology also takes pictures, allowing those watching to analyze how the procedure is being done. However, it is HIPAA compliant and cannot record video.

“Unless you’re scrubbed in on the case assisting the other surgeon, you can’t see as well as you can with this,” Dr. Trenhaile explains. “You cannot get the view that you can get here and it’s better not being scrubbed in and being in another room, or another state or country, for that matter.”

OrthoIllinois says it just began working with the technology and has already performed a few procedures with it.

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