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OrthoIllinois surgeon coauthors two articles

Scott Trenhaile, MD | Orthopedic SurgeonFrom RRStar:

ROCKFORD — OrthoIllinois surgeon Scott Trenhaile, MD, co-authored two papers published in the journal Arthroscopic Techniques’ December 2020 issue.

Both papers address acromioclavicular joint reconstruction. The first, titled “Arthroscopically Assisted Acromioclavicular Joint Reconstruction Using Infinity-Lock Button System With Allograft Augmentation,” describes a minimally invasive technique for reconstruction that includes a hamstring allograft that may minimize reconstruction risks of clavicle and coracoid fracture. It also provides stabilization across the AC joint that may help resist naturally occurring displacing forces.

The second technical paper addresses a low profile reconstruction without the allograft. This technique may also minimize reconstruction complication risk of clavicle and coracoid fracture and overlying skin irritation.

Trenhaile’s practice at OrthoIllinois focuses on arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder, elbow, and knee, and treatment of sports- or activity-related injuries.

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